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As the young generation will step into the society soon, nowadays, the college students will never  face only the single campus life. As the group living in the campus and will step into the society soon, they will face the pressure from many aspects.Schoolwork and social practice,  grasping the opportunity and taking up the challenge will be the great challenges for the contemporary college students’ body and mind. Then strenghten the physical quality of the national, improve the college students’ initiative, relax and relieve tension and stress will be the main reason to establish the school gym.

The using characteristic for the school gym: The brand needs to be popular, the appearance needs to be splendid and beautiful, the service life needs to be long, the operation needs to be easy, the performance needs to be stable,the cost of maintenance needs to be low also it needs to be equipped with Operation Manual and site training.

The common configuration for the school gym: Full-featured, safe,the aerobic equipment should be equipped with treadmills, elliptical machine, exercise bike,stationary bike, rowing machine;the power equipment should be equipped with single function machine or integrated training device( if the space is not allowed you should not choose the integrated training device)and then with the free power equipment to exercise small pieces of muscle, such as the big bird, Smith machine, dumbbell, etc.

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