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Beijing Vita Sporting Goods Co.Ltd provide the customized fitness program for the stars hotel

Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to the health, even in the travel time, people also need to keep healthy. Then people prefer to choose the hotels with the fitness center and health area. Our company will make you more attractive and enhance more profitability.

Therefore, if your hotels are lack of such service facility, you will be less competitive. Beijing Vita Sporting Goods CO.Ltd is committed to creating a top quality Fitness Zone, so that it can exercise, relax and socialize -then the guests are more willing to choose to stay in your hotel.

As a possessed high reputation in the top-end fitness equipment manufacturer, Beijing Vita Sporting Goods Co.Ltd is specialized in making the users get benefits.The perfect quality makes it recognized by the market. 

There is no doubt that Beijing Vita Sporting Goods Co.Ltd will provide the overall health solution for the domestic luxury hotel chain, it will includes from the perfect gym to suites, our company will provide you the customized service. From the initial layout and internal design, to fitness programs and personal training, and then to the after-sales service, brand promotion and marketing support, Beijing Vita will give you the full support.

After you have full fitness equipment in your hotels, it will attract more guests. As the time goes on, it will not only make your guests more healthy, but also make the overall image of your hotel much healthier.

Vita Commercial series will provide the full range of solutions to customers. Whether it is commercial gym, hotel, real estate club, enterprise gym, school or sports organizations. We listen to our customers’ needs, according to the actual situation in order that we can provide the perfect programs for the clients. We are not supplying the equipment, but also providing the professional consulted service for you.

     Notice for hotel gym to choose the fitness equipment

1,Equipment collocation

The hotel gym needs to configure the fitness equipment suitably on the base of the size of the area. Generally, it needs to be equipped with aerobic equipment and strength fitness equipment, the quantity needs to be equal. In the proportion aspect for various types of device configuration, we will take 100 square meters of gym as an example, the aerobic equipment needs about 4 units of treadmill, 2 units of elliptical trainer, 2 units of exercise cycle, 1 unit step, for the strength fitness equipment will need 3-5 units insert type single station machine and 4-6 units free power equipment. Among them, the insert type single station machine should choose dual function equipment needs small area, multi functions firstly. Then it will let the guests to choose more exercise types in the limited space. If consider the capital matter, you can choose the large multi function integrated training device, the defect is that each equipment will need a large area, then the users will be interacted. 

You should display the aerobic equipment and strength fitness equipment in the partition. For the aerobic equipment, you should make them spare at least 40cm on the left and right side in order that the trainer can conduct the guest to use it scientifically. The rear of the treadmill should be set aside at least 120 cm from other equipment. The aerobic equipment should be placed as near as the window, also need to place the TV to fetch up the dull and boring exercise. 

 Besides the fitness equipment, the gym should be equipped with the basic measurement instrument, such as scales, fat analyzed machine. Then it will make the guests to know themselves clearly and to carry out targeted training for them.

2, Supplier selection

Many hotels’ know that no matter you choose which equipment and the better after-sales service is more important than choose the brand. It is common you will meet some problems in the using time for various reasons, it shows in each equipment and each brand. How to reduce the probability of failure to the minimum, and how to reduce the time to solve the problem when the equipment has broken down, both of them will be the important strict inspections. The good or bad of the work will be depend on the good or bad of the supplier. If the supplier or agent are have no long-term vision, just see the interests for this time, you need to choose carefully. You can never choose the middle man that can not provide the professional after sales service. And if meet the problem, the hotel can not bear the complaints and even the use of the problem of equipment and personal injury.

Suggestions to choose the supplier:

1、If the supplier has the brand authorization;

2,   If the supplier’s operation is stable;

3,   If the supplier’s spare parts inventory is sufficient;

4,   If the supplier’s after sales staff and system is perfect;

Other notices:

For the decoration, the gym lights should be concise and bright, do not recommend to use warm colors or too dim. The ceiling should not be too low, so as not to feel depressed. The wall should be installed mirror in the power equipment area. The ground should use the sports rubber flooring, carpet. In addition to the fitness gymnastics room, should not be used the wooden flooring or high quality carpet. In addition to the body building exercise room, other rooms can not use wood flooring.

After long time of operating, the hotel gym will meet other problems, such as the equipment maintenance problems exceeded the expiration of the warranty period. Generally, the supplier will provide a period of free maintenance service, exceeded the expiration you need to pay it. But some of the hotels do not pay enough attention to maintenance services, maybe they think the paid service is the additional expenditure. But in fact, it is very important to sign a regular maintenance contract with a good supplier because the professional engineer will provide regular maintenance, then it can:

1,  Ensure the guests to use them safely

2, Prevent equipment from the abnormal wear

3,  Prevent unnecessary component replacement

4,  Prolong the service life of the equipment

Hotel services must strive for excellence, meticulous, the fitness service is the important aspect. It is a more and more important task for the hotel to provide the guests with the professional and safe gym. More and more people pay attention to the hotel gym, then the earlier scientific plan will be  particularly important. 

The service advantages of Beijing Vita Sporting Goods Co.Ltd

Regular running maintenance: 

assured products, hard service”All the while, the highest principle for the service of Beijing Vita is to serve people with all of our heart. Beijing Vita established a systemic and perfect user information file, organized after sales service staff to establish a terminal information file for clients, make the professional staff to inspect the installed equipment regularly to ensure that the equipment properly maintained. Also we have opened the 400 national free service hotline to provide the after sales service for the clients.

Professional advice and guidance: Beijing Vita has the professional trainers, they can provide the professional planing and guidance service according to the clients’ investment budget and the space of site.

We will go to your place to survey the site/design and formulate the scheme:After reaching the cooperative agreement, Vita will be based on customer’s feedback, the actual site and investment budget conditions to design scientifically and rationally. The design based on local conditions will be better for the practical use.

Service characteristics: Beijing Vita will provide the convenient full- service for establishing the various gym soft and hard facilities, operational guidance and maintenance. Thereby it will save more time, cut the cost. We will think as clients’ thought, make as clients’ requirements.


Do not hesitate, choose us is choosing the high quality. 

    Choosing us will be the best decision you have ever done.

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