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The health of employee is really important to enterprise. Healthy employee can offer 2-3 times of productivity. Enterprise should treat the health of employee as investment instead of cost! Building enterprise gym is the favorable approach to output health. From a friend’s view, it is the attention to their health and spiritual outlook and it is a kind of welfare. Regarding from the boss’s point of view, in order to attract talents, it can make the employees keep active, increase the enthusiasm and feeling good. So that enterprise culture degree of understanding can be increased and can strengthen the sense of belonging and cohesive force.

Not only the world’s top 500 enterprises consider how to make employee put fitness into life, but also the increasing number of domestic enterprises value health problem and build functional and practical fitness equipment in the office block. The huge benefit of attracting enterprise gym preparing is: increasing employees production efficiency, decrease the medical expenses, reduce the absenteeism situation, improve company environment and increase employees loyalty.

Motorola Corporation is just one of the enterprises which realize investing employees’ health can improve the financial expenditure problem. However, GOOGLE Corporation finds the annual cost of the medical expenses for each employee who do not have regular exercise is USD 3000. On the contrary, the cost of each employee who has regular exercise is just USD300. Other large international companies like Johnson & Johnson Ltd, Adidas and Ferrari, etc. have received the return on profits on the invest of employees’ health and fitness. Nowadays the talent competition is intense. In order to attract talents, some of corporations commits to increasing salary, equip laptop, travel vehicles vacation and journey, however, building gym is an innovation. It can make employees keeping health, increase the enthusiasm and feel pleasure. So that enterprise culture degree of understanding can be increased and can strengthen the sense of belonging and cohesive force.

Regarding from the utilitarian, if employees are healthy, they will seldom ill and reduce the times of sick leave so that the companies can save money, can increase the work efficiency and the income for companies can be more.

1.Why build enterprises gym?

Because corporate employee health expenses 20% less. Staff capacity formula = ( Knowledge + Technology + Ability + Collective Support ) × Health. Even though an employee’s work ability is high, it will also happens they labor do not contribute if the health index is on the bottom.

2.Why choosing Beijing VITA to build enterprise gym?

A. Unique and innovative service concept of Beijing VITA

Having a gym is just the first step of living healthy. Beijing VITA is the earliest professional company to offer enterprise gym service in the northern area of China. Besides to provide equipment and the help to design fitness area, Beijing VITA keep innovating and provide wider and more practical valuable service. We can offer you a set of the professional service at the beginning: Research the plan, Commence the plan, Enterprise fitness plan management and Optimization the plan.

B. Beijing VITA team & strong brand lineup

As the supplier of Chinese People’s Congress, Municipal Government, Quality inspection department, Customs, Financial institutions, Business Sector and Banks, etc. Beijing VITA has been serviced for the enterprises and institutions for more than 10 years. More than 20 million people training with VITA brand equipment everyday. Inside VITA, our concepts and business practices are based on the sincere yearning of comprehensive health and the love to this health industry!

3. Enterprises gym customized solutions

As enterprises gyms are limited by the space, they are difficult to be parted significantly and have large amount equipment like large commercial gyms. They need to use the area reasonable according to the actual situation. Base on the enterprise nature of work, always stay to sit or walking around; the number of employee, average age and male to female ratio. Start doing the detailed statistics to decide which kind of equipment can be used. Strength training area: all kinds of muscle building equipment and barbells; Aerobic exercise area: includes running machine, elliptical machine, exercise bike, stepper, etc. Gymnastics stretch area: make yoga and circuit, etc. can going on.

Nowadays, many fitness equipment manufactures pay much attention to research and develop new products. For instance, the design aims at “Long Time Sitter” relax and stretching fitness equipment is very popular. It is for stretching the spine and back nerves, even wearing suits and ties can sit on the equipment to exercise easily. In addition, they can also hire a semi-free fitness coach to offer the professional fitness courses counseling for staffs regularly. Of course, building an enterprise gym is also an assessment to the economic strength of a company. 

Beijing VITA summarizes the design and build of gym into three “W”. The first is “Why”. This is a very significant fitness education. It makes the employee understand the importance of gym. Otherwise when the gym is finish, the use ratio will be very low what is the most series waist of resources. The second is the practical “Where”. That is to say the design of gym should be clean and tidy, with fresh air, appropriate light and pleasant music. The design of dressing room and shower room should be series. What is better, the design method of gym should reflect the characteristic culture and temperament of the enterprise, such as the tone should be the same as the color of LOGO. The last is “What”. That is the selection of the gym equipment should match the actual size of the place and the wording nature of the staff scientifically and reasonably.

4. The new experience of enterprise gym

Currently, an increasing number of people pay attention to the quality life. So more and more enterprise gyms have hidden into the office buildings around us. As the time some of enterprises just think about to build a table tennis room, some other visionary enterprise leaders have begun to planned a professional employee gym in the new office buildings. It maybe just need around 100 square meters or even smaller. Besides the each kind of gym equipment, it also includes dressing room and shower room and sometimes there is also a leisure area where provides nutritious snacks and drinks.

5. Specific planning process of enterprise gym

1. Receive the consult from customers

2. Make an appointment to visit the site (the environmental assessment, site survey and personnel structure, etc.)

3. Project design, using 2D software for layout design

4. Submit the initial plan in 24 hours and communicate with customers, then adjust the plan according to customers’ requirement

5. Invite customers to visit the company and the related model workouts

6. Finish the signing of the contract and equipment installation

7. Provide value-added services (including on-site support for the using of the equipment, professional fitness coach on-site class service, gym atmosphere propaganda poster)

8. Provide perfect gym equipment after-sale service (including regular home maintenance and time limited home repair after the repair)



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