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1000 square meters Commercial Fitness Club solution

1、Site planning







The front desk is located at the main entrance of the club, allowing open areas to facilitate customer access.

Negotiate area


The negotiation area is close to the front desk. It is convenient for the front desk to lead the customers to the negotiation area for negotiation, without hindering the reception of customers at the front desk

Physical fitness test area


Place the 6 platform test instrument

Private parish


Private tuition is the most profitable program in the gym, and private parishes can be set up separately

Bathroom / toilet


Bathrooms and bathrooms can be located together, but must be isolated. As the yoga room and dynamic cycling room, more women than men, so men's bathroom 35 square meters, 50 square meters of female bathroom

Aerobic training area


Put on treadmills, exercise cars, elliptical machines and other aerobics equipment, as well as handstand machines, waist machines and other tensile equipment

Dynamic bicycle room


Place 25 dynamic bicycles and set up coach special desk

Strength training area


With oxygen free training, the ground should be paved with anti slip and vibration damping materials

Free zone


The ground should be ground with glue to prevent the dumbbell and barbell from damaging the floor

Aerobics room


The gym is mostly women, and it needs to be equipped with an aerobics room

Yoga Room


Yoga rooms need a quiet environment, so they are far away from dynamic cycling rooms and exercise rooms

Recreational area


Place two billiard tables and place a sofa next to the guest to rest

Selling area


Set next to the front desk, you can put some sports equipment, sports towels, Yu Gaqiu, tension rope and other small equipment for customers to buy

Other areas


Administration office, coach office, sundry room, etc.

二、Fitness equipment configuration program


General commercial fitness club function regional planning scheme

Detailed and reasonable functional zoning can maximize the utilization of the site and provide the most comfortable exercise experience for the exercisers. Vita summed up the years of experience in the operation of fitness clubs, combined with scientific design concepts, design, summarize and meet the basic functional areas of fitness needs!


The front desk should be located at the main entrance of the club. The area provides service and advice to the members who come to the gym. In addition, a special person for visiting customers to introduce the situation of the club and fitness effect, and guide customers to come to visit as a member.

二、Negotiate area

The negotiation area should be adjacent to the front desk and reflect the service mode of "one to one".

三、Men's and women's changing rooms and shower areas: conditioned to consider setting up (sports, physical therapy room)

The dressing is the first station to move, so the entrance dressing area should be close to the front desk and fitness area, try to reduce from the front to the locker area to the training area distance, but should be a priority, how many main personnel and. If there is an aerobic classroom and a dynamic bicycle room, the aerobics class will be used mostly by female athletes, and it will be possible for the majority of people to take showers after the end of aerobic courses. It should be considered as the main consideration of the size of shower area.

四、Physical fitness test room

Fitness test room is equipped with advanced technology, complete testing equipment, testing for members of body fat content, muscle strength and muscle endurance, flexibility and cardiorespiratory endurance, and according to the inspection report for members to provide personal fitness plan.
As a member of the test, the noise can affect the results of the test, so the physical fitness should be set in a more quiet place, away from the dynamic bicycle room, aerobic classroom, and so on, can produce larger sound areas.

五、Aerobic training area

The area is mainly composed of aerobic equipment, including electric treadmill, fitness car (vertical, horizontal), elliptical machines, bench machines, etc., the operation is safe and simple. They can effectively improve the body's heart and lung function, speed up the consumption of fat and shape the body. Aerobic fitness equipment should also be considered with an independent television frame, so that the exercise will not be boring during exercise.
The training area should first consider the arrangements for sightseeing the best position in the club, for example, adjacent to the landing windows at the next street, can make the membership in the movement will not feel dry, and achieve good publicity; secondly consider the arrangement in a first region after entering the club.

六、Strength training area: (specially recommend new generation strength training equipment, all-round innovation strength exercise equipment)

The region mainly equipment fitness - anaerobic training based, function is body sculpting, weight loss, bodybuilding. The floor of the area should be paved with anti slip and vibration damping materials. The strength training area and the aerobic training area should be next to each other.

七、Free zone

The zone of free energy is a specialized training area for members who want to build up muscles and build strong muscles. The free zone and the strength training area should be next to each other, and in the corner, with more mirror positions.

八、Tensile and extension zone

The tensile and relaxation equipment has become increasingly advanced and humanization, now the professional gym district is also planning a separate drawing space, professional fitness to provide members of service also play a greater value, (will stretch in the aerobic zone planning outside the classroom or the power area adjacent to are a good choice). 

九、Aerobics class: (set up hot yoga room alone)

Healthy hip-hop, aerobics, aerobic ballet, aerobic Latin, pedal exercise, fitness ball, yoga and more than ten courses are conducted in aerobic classrooms. Aerobic classroom equipped with equipment: fitness ball, pedal, fitness pad, etc., to meet the needs of different courses.
Laying the ground elastic bamboo flooring and professional plastic ground, set up special Tiaocao coach station, and is independent on time, so easy to set in the internal corner club, if it is possible to minimize the number of columns in the space.

十、spinning room

The dynamic cycling room is the most attractive and most vigorous training room in the club. Dynamic bike belongs to aerobic exercise, is a very popular member of the project, can enhance the heart and lung function, burning body fat, to achieve fitness, body shaping aspirations.
In order to avoid the noise interference, spinning room should be far away from the aerobic fitness test center, classroom; spinning as good publicity fitness programs, the best setting near the window, you can see the outdoor area


 十一、Fitness bar and Recreation Area

Fitness bar is mainly for selling and drinking sports nutrition, and located near the fitness area. Fitness bar, a special nutritionist, suitable for sports, weight gain, muscle enhancement, weight loss, body sculpting and other beverages, to supplement energy, help the movement for physical recovery. Fitness bar, the main consideration of the upper and lower water position.
The recreational area is located around the fitness bar, equipped with a water dispenser, a beverage special refrigerator, and all kinds of sports, leisure, trendy newspapers and books. Take a short nap in the recreational area after intense exercise.


十二、Other areas

Clubs should also be equipped with offices, toilets, laundry rooms, warehouses and a variety of facilities, to ensure the proper functioning of the club.

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