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From now on, starting fitness happily at home, when our health status allow us to do anything what we want to do without much effort, when we can cope with stress instead of being beaten, when having meals is a wonderful experience but not a puzzle, when fitness is an integral part of our lives we have owned the health. Currently, nothing is more fashion than sport. Sport at home we will not be affected by time, temperature, mood and air quality.

The reason of doing exercise at home is that: Training at home is not anti-social, unsocial, stingy or giving yourself up as hopeless as homeless and staying at home all the time. Sporting at home means that we not only love sport, but also love our own homes. In addition, we have a lingering and suitable for sports home. The reason of the first person who decided to do exercise at home might be he couldn’t resist the temptation of the TV advertising. Then an increasing numbers of the reason make people consider about the significance of doing sports at home:

A. Clean

Without strangers’ bacteria and sweat and no need to worry about to contract the strange skin disease.


B. Absolutely privacy

When you can face up to your belly in front of the mirror and decide to challenge it. No need to worry about that somebody else with slim body staring at you proudly. You can decide your own gym suit by yourself instead of the sports makeup look following the plans of “Sporting Beauty” in the fashion magazines. So that you can start with the absolute sport. The effect comes with the concentration.


C. Save time

No need to select special clothes, no need to make up and no need to waist time on the terrible traffic. So that you can save one hour every time you go to do the exercise.

D. No need to wait in the queue

Your room is your personal gym and no need to wait or comity the others


E. Follow your bent

No need to bear the dislike music, no need to yield to the uncomfortable temperature. Just manage your cellphone to prevent the harass from ringings.


F. Keep unique and tasteful

You can decide your interior decoration. Take responsibility for your own taste and enjoy it instead of the other strange, vulgar or unsuitable tastes. Furthermore, when you decide to build a Home Gym corner, no matter in bedroom, study or in drawing room, garden, you have begun a meaningful invest for a healthy life style and also set up a good example for kid and other family members. Moreover, when you install the gym equipment at home, clever people will find it is also an invest for the appreciation of house property. Even though you didn’t plan to do the real estate, a personal gym without annual cost is also very attractive in the side of economics.

Not to simply flaunt the middle class life, but unable to forbid the design power


Now tell you about the unconcerned home exercise style, because many people are hesitating that for them a running machine or a exercise bike stays in the drawing room or study will be really incompatible with the home. Then you can try the first step: do you know exercising ball? A colorful exercising ball, though it stays in the room it will be just a kind of wonderful accessories which can increase the visual impression for the room. Now, why not to put it behind the desk and use it instead of the chair? Sitting on the large exercising ball, you will draw up unknowingly, tighten the abdominal. So that you can practice your muscle, keep graceful posture through sitting upright. In addition, it can reduce the shoulders and neck tension and even the lumbar muscle degeneration.


Please design a gym as you really need a space to exercise and even a specific room or just a corner. You can remain your body and brain in the best condition here. And fresh air is also necessary. Some green plants and the wide out window scenery will also increase your spirit happiness feeling dramatically, meanwhile, you need fine home gym equipment as fine home gym equipment means it is not a bulky object which is boring and need large space. It is a good partner that can offer you health and happiness. Now we should spend some time on understanding them and they will become our important family members.

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