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Gym Solution of Real Estate Club Community

It will increase the attractiveness and value of the real estate instantly with the perfect fitness equipment, creating high quality of fitness zone is the shortcut to increase attractiveness for any multi family buildings. The well designed living welfare equipment will not only help the new buyers but also can make the original owners pleasant, have a good reputation in the local place.

With the long time professional experience, Beijing Vita Sporting Goods Co.Ltd  can design the perfect living welfare equipment for your buildings and will choose the fitness equipment by the population statistics and owner's preferences. We can not only help you to design and equip your fitness equipment, but also will cooperate with you to optimize the delivery, make the payment, train etc in order that it will satisfy your requirements and time.

The faithful friend for the real estate club fitness filed

The sincere partner to provide the fitness equipment for the real estate club

The body building tool of increasing the value for the real estate club brand value and supporting service.

We have years of rich practical experience for the plan of real estate club and community gym:

1, Research (preliminary survey, precise positioning)

Deep research, study and analysis is not only responsible for the land agent but also for the residential property owners, also it is our professional accomplishment. The mold of life and the body building concept must be suitable for the living habits of most owners, the real estate culture, the theme of community, then it will reach a better effect. The preliminary survey must consider the needs of most of the owners, the community environment culture, the style of the building finishing,the spatial capital investment, then after the precise positioning, it can really reach the humanized design, the equipment can be fit for the human.

2, Service(Accurate and reasonable scheme design,providing perfect and high quality equipment)

Precision measuring space, detailed, reasonable functional area division and maximize the utilization of the site will provide the exerciser the best comfortable environment and enjoy the most comprehensive equipment exercise. On the base of th e space, the exerciser can consider to go to the aerobic training zone (including electric treadmill, fitness cars (vertical, horizontal), elliptical machine, time machine etc.). Strength training, free power area (dumbbell weightlifting bed), stretch, stretch area (stretching machine, relax waist machine etc.), leisure area (billiards, table tennis, shuffleboard, rest chairs, water etc.), aerobics class (all kinds of body building exercise, step, yoga etc.).


3,Quality(With the overall style, enhance the cultural taste)

For the decoration style, business philosophy, at the beginning of acquaintance, will communicate with the Club Management Manager and owner, need to provide the decoration and improvement suggestion, such as:the overall style, setting up dressing room,bathroom, wall mirror processing,floor using positioning etc.We will consider it from the point of the operator and users, make the equipment category, grade, color and style matched. Then it will make the users to do exercise comfortably and safely, also it will show the connotation and taste of the gym.

4.Goal(Body building culture, the promotion of management idea)

We would rather see that the equipment we provided will create a broader health effect for the clients, more healthy culture, new healthy life style, this is our real goal. Most of the time, we would rather provide the operator with the latest information and the idea, then we can solve the problems of the operators’ from the source of the thought and provide the value added service;would like to convey to each of users a scientific and rational way to exercise, provide more humanized equipment, it will reach real man-machine interaction, improve the users’ feelings of success, self-confidence and sense of honor also can make it integrate into the personnel life.   


5,Brand(Perfect after-sale system)

Beijing Vita Sporting Goods Co.Ltd is a professional brand for many years, we have professional after sales managers in each place, rapid emergency response,2 hours response system,24 hours to solve the problem of customer response, try our best to protect the customers’ benefits to get the clients’ long time trust and have the good public praise. 


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